Is Covid The Right Time To Invest - An Opinion By Shaun Stenning


With the changes that 2020 has brought to the business, investment and entrepreneurial landscape I have received a lot of inquiries from investors about what they should be doing.  Should they be holding assets, should they be liquidating assets, should be the investing heavily in new assets?

The answer is not simple as each and every person has a unique approach to investment and has a unique financial situation to manage during this Covid 19 Pandemic.  On a personal level I believe that any down turn in a market creates opportunities for the right person, company or investment as long as it fits with your long term plan.

On a personal note, I am looking at expanding some of my investments while also limiting growth in others as some of my investments look like they will bounce back well post Covid while others look like they will not bounce back at all.

As a skilled investor with a plan, just like you should have, the Shaun Stenning school of investment says invest in a bear market where you see bull market opportunities in the short term.  This means that you can move towards a capital gain quickly and re-coup those investment costs.

So when it comes to answering the question as to whether Covid is the right time to invest, the answer is subjective and should be taken with careful consideration of the affects it will have on your personal financial situation.  It does not make sense to invest now and lose liquidity and have an extended period of stress where you are financially unable to meet your obligations.


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